Fruit of the Soul

An annual fundraiser to support the preservation of music, art & sustainable education in San Diego

2 DAYS LEFT to join our cause page to win some cash for ARTS!

Posted By Kelly Orange on November 18, 2010

We’re now in a race to be one of the top 3 nonprofits with the most members on our Scion x-CHANGE cause page to win leftover cash & we only have UNTIL FRIDAY!!

Scion x-CHANGE donated $1,380 on our cause page from the event last week and there’s still more we can do! We are in the running but we need a last show of support to help us to a win, please become a member by clicking here:

“Now as for the dough – we here at Scion x-CHANGE are having a party on Friday and we are giving away MONEY! The top three NPO recruiters to their Cause Pages will be dividing the financial booty three ways: 1st @ 50%, 2nd @ 30%, & 3rd @ 20%. So get to it and do your best. You still have until November 19, 2010 @ 5pm PST to make a serious run at it. -Scion x-CHANGE

CAUSE PAGE MEMBERS STANDINGS as of 11/17/2010 – 5pm PST:
1st MadLab – 687
2nd VOX Sacramento – 657
3rd RED DOT Project –369
4th Baltimore Love Project – 342
5th Fruit of the Soul – 268
6th Primary Colours – 164
7th Vox Populi – 120
8th ZUMIX – 77
9th 516 Arts – 70
10th ArtCenter/South Florida – 67
11th Art Share LA – 57
12th Arts Incubator – 47
13th Preservation Link – 43
14th Open Road NY – 42
15th PlatteForum – 39
16th Alternate Roots – 34
17th Albany Barn – 31
18th Grounded In Music – 30
19th Roosevelt Row – 22
20th Art Dimensions – 19
21st Root Division – 18
22nd Collaboraction – 17
23rd Flashpoint – 14
24th Rock for Hunger – 12
25th Literacy Advance of Houston – 10
26th Fremont Abbey Art Center – 10
27th Soap Factory – 5
28th AS220 – 5
29th Pear—4

Last week’s standings we were 4th so we’ve slipped a little!

Janelle at Scion x-CHANGE

click for photo album

The Scion x-CHANGE events were really fun click above for a full set of photos and watch the video below for some penguins, Art Hauls and Scions in San Diego.  We are so stoked to be part of their program, and associated with an ART supportive & forward company doing totally rad things. Thank you Scion!!!

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Help us raise money with test drives & ART HAUL sales at Scion x-CHANGE event Tomorrow - Friday! 11a-7p

Posted By Kelly Orange on November 10, 2010

Scion x-CHANGE : San Diego
benefiting Fruit of the Soul

870 Garnet Ave in PB
Thurs., Nov 11 & Friday, Nov 12
11am - 7pm each day
+ART HAUL feat. Janelle Carter

Janelle Carter is the Scion x-CHANGE Featured Artist!The Scion x-CHANGE : San Diego featured artist is our friend and long-time collaborating supporter, the fabulous and über talented, Janelle Carter. She will have numerous pieces on display in the ART HAUL (for sale - gift giving season is upon us *wink wink*) and she will be doing live art each day!  Um… Radical!

We will have tons of smiles, fist bumps and karma points to give out, not to mention the fact that we’re all a pretty fun crowd!

Here’s how it works :

VENTURE out to our location, TEST DRIVE a Scion (or just receive info on the brand), take a short SURVEY (less than 5 minutes) and then. . . you can either choose a $5 gift certificate for a local company OR you can choose to DONATE that $5 back to the cause and Scion will DOUBLE it! We have raised $4,715 to date on our CAUSE PAGE - become a member and help us in a contest to be in the top 3 nonprofit with the most members to win leftover cash from the tour! ( see standings below)

All funds raised from this event will support our amazing friends and artists at A Reason To Survive (ARTS).

We still have a chance prior to November 19, 2010 @ 5pm PST to make a serious run at one of the top 3 spots. Here are the standings as of 11/09/2010:

1st MadLab - 392

2nd VOX Sacramento - 388
3rd Baltimore Love Project - 268
4th Fruit of the Soul - 237
5th RED DOT Project - 206
6th Primary Colours - 155
7th Vox Populi - 112
8th ZUMIX - 75
9th 516 Arts - 67
10th ArtCenter/South Florida - 66
11th Art Share LA - 55
12th Arts Incubator - 46
13th Preservation Link - 42
14th PlatteForum - 38
15th Alternate Roots - 34
16th Open Road NY - 33
17th Albany Barn - 29
18th Grounded In Music - 26
19th Roosevelt Row - 21
20th Art Dimensions - 18
21st Collaboraction - 16
22nd Flashpoint - 14
23rd Root Division - 13
24th Rock for Hunger - 12
25th Literacy Advance of Houston - 10
26th Fremont Abbey Art Center - 9
27th Soap Factory - 5
28th AS220 - 4
29th Pear-3

JOIN THE CAUSE & help us to 500 members by Nov. 19th.
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Photos from Fruit of the Soul 2010 are finally developed!

Posted By Kelly Orange on November 10, 2010

Below are the slideshows from Fruit of the Soul 2010 on flickr …. but they are also on our facebook page so please tag yourself!! ;) Thank you to all our photographers… you definitely captured the night!

Tim Hardy:

Tyler Jordan

Peggy Sue Harrington:

Sabin DePierro

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Fruit of the Soul 2010 was a success!

Posted By Kelly Orange on October 21, 2010

Thank you for helping us raise over $25,000 at Fruit of the Soul!!!

To each and every one of you who participated in this event, from chefs, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and consumers, to artists, musicians, dancers, and lovers…. we could not have done this without you.  Five years in we are so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends, co-workers and supporters who get what the event is about. Through all the trials, tribulations, troubleshooting and hurdles, it has always turned out… just as it should; a totally amazing night filled with fun and the realization that this isn’t just for us, it’s for them…

Fruit of the Soul 2010

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Double your donation through our cause page!

Posted By Kelly Orange on October 11, 2010

We are a Scion x-CHANGE featured nonprofit!

Maybe you can’t attend this year’s event, maybe you are extra generous, maybe you just feel like spreading the word…

We are one of the fortunate non-profits picked to be part of the Scion x-CHANGE program!  For the second time around Scion x-CHANGE has pledged to match up to $1,000 raised through the Fruit of the Soul Cause Page!

During the summer tour they helped us raise $2,546 and we know we can double and even triple that number with your help.  If you are considering a donation, even $10 will magically turn into $20!

We are also eligible to win some extra prize money for being one of the top 3 participating non-profits with the most memberships!  All you have to do is join.

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